Accept Everything

Our Smart Terminal provides your business with many options for accepting payments, including all major credit cards, checks, NFC-ready phones, and even the Apple Watch. This EMV-ready terminal will reduce your liability for fraudulent transactions and keep you up to date with payment-processing requirements.

Go paperless with electronic signatures

Electronic signatures both eliminate the need for paper receipts and protect your business from charge-backs and fraud. Not only are they more secure, they're more convenient, too.

Send customers digital receipts

No paper receipts
Eliminate the need to store signed paper receipts.
Searchable transactions
Every transaction you run is saved in the system for the lifetime of your business.
BPA free
Keep BPA away from staff, customers, and loved ones.
Green technology
Save trees by emailing receipts.

Reduce charge-backs with remote signatures

Capture remote signatures for card-not-present transactions. Just text or email a receipt to your customer, who can then sign it using any mobile device, platform, or browser.

Turn any Web browser into a virtual terminal

Smart terminal control
Monitor the status of smart terminal transactions in real time.
Process checks
Lower your transaction fees by accepting ACH payments.
Key credit cards
Process phone orders and other card-not-present transactions.
Recharge accounts
Securely store customer accounts for future use.
Search transactions
Search your transactions by using a variety of filters, such as date, dollar amount, or customer name.
Manage batches
View, compare, and analyze individual transaction settlements.

Multiple users

Add admins or general users to your account, set permissions and track performance by running per-user reports.

Multiple locations

Add multiple departments/locations to your account, grant access for users and track performance with comprehensive reports.